(we can be complete slow reacting, screaming idiots together)

(also idk why but I’m really, really in a david duchovny mood right now)

(Kiiiinnnda wanna watch the red shoe diaries)

(okay it’s obviously past my bedtime if I’m dragging out words that long)

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But it’s ok cause it’s romantic.


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That one time at comic con when Gillian Anderson was talking to me and she stuck her hand out and I stared at it for like a full five seconds before remembering what a handshake was.

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Why the Opening Scene of The X-Files #14 is Not OK (Hint: It’s Rape)

Ever since writer Joe Harris tweeted a rather risqué panel from an issue of The X-Files: Season 10 late last week, the X-Files fan community has been abuzz with excitement. The panel shows Scully, wearing seemingly nothing but one of Mulder’s shirts thrown haphazardly on, knelt over Mulder in bed and pointing a gun in his face while he in turn remarks on how he is “more of a cuddler post-coitus” and suggesting that “sexy gunplay” isn’t really something that suits them.

This then appears to be the fun, sexy X-Files bedroom scene I have dreamed of seeing for over 15 years; but then looks can be deceiving. What we are actually viewing is the aftermath of a rape. [X]

It’s Eddie Van Blundht all over again. Read the article and think about it.


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Anyone who tries to tell me that David Duchovney isn’t the sexiest thing to come from the nineties is a lying sheep in mans clothing who doesn’t want to believe.

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did mulder and scully ever even solve a single case. they must’ve had the worst record in the Bureau. every case report was just “mulder thinks it’s aliens, the evidence is inconclusive…

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There are precisely 1,400,852 Americans currently serving the military both at home and abroad.

Whisper — an app which allows users to anonymously post messages — gives us a glimpse into the deepest, most emotionally-tinged thoughts of these men and women.


So important.  I’m always saying that so many soldiers take that path because they don’t have any other option, like college.  In a lot of instances they are flat out lied to.  The government legit gives military branches money to fund a position that is intended to con people into joining the military. 

You’re looking at a very small number of people of people who joined the military and don’t like it— guess what? People do the same thing in the civilian world, too.
And despite what you may think, the military DOES offer services to help you adjust back to civilian life and you can get 11 free counseling sessions without your chain of command being notified.  If you suffer PTSD, you get the support of your medical benefits and the people you work with.

I also saw the note about the military being the “Last choice.”

The military has changed a lot, it’s no longer for people who can’t get a real job anywhere else or are on the brink of becoming a criminal, it’s for people who want to do something more with their education and to serve their country. Yes, there are sacrifices to be made, and yes, a lot of people realize that sometime during their first contract they don’t want to be career military but you VOLUNTEER for it. It’s not supposed to be a cake walk.

Unless you are on of the people who have actually suffered from being in the military, suffered depression, got PTSD, got injured, are stationed somewhere awful, or gave the ultimate sacrifice it isn’t that bad. Sure, there are times when you wonder what the hell you’re doing, but it’s ultimately a very rewarding career and if any of the above problems affect you, there is help for that.

But if you’re part of or related to military, think of something more important than attending a BBQ.

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answering the door when you’re home alone like



except 90% of tumblr probably doesn’t even know how to properly load a gun or respect it as a firearm because they assume it’s an evil entity in and of itself

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